New Recycling Guidelines

The Town of Trenton has new recycling guidelines. Please visit the Trash & Recycling page for more information.

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2 Responses to “New Recycling Guidelines”

  • Walter Loeffelad says:

    Is one all that we can recieve ? what are we supposed to do with our garbage if it dosent fit inside the can with the lid closed not that it would happen all the time but surely every now and then /parties and holidays

    • admin says:

      With the previous contract, Veolia (now Advanced Disposal) was very accommodating in collecting trash that went above the 2-bag per household limit. The 95 gallon carts are intended to increase the amount of garbage that can be collected, but there may be times when you have additional trash that won’t fit. Advanced Disposal will only collect trash and recycling that fits inside the carts with the lids closed. If you have additional items, you must wait until the next collection day or take them to Advanced Disposal’s facility on North River Road for disposal (a fee will apply).

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